Why E-Teachers Special Education School?

We Are Beyond

E-teachers Special Education is a global platform made for special children with learning disabilities. With the unique and effective methodology, we are one step ahead with a Personalized Learning Program (PLP) to fill the actual needs of children.

Regaining Confidence & Motivation

We believe that special children need special attention with patience to produce the maximum learning potential. We deal with the learning incapacity in reading, writing, speaking, remembering, and abstracting.

Why choose us?

The e-Teachers Special School’s integrated education system sets it apart from other competing educational institutions. So let us tell you why you choose e-teachers.

Personalized Learning Programs (PLP)

We always start from the beginning by personalizing the learning program separately for each student. Finding the root cause is key to success. We identify the loopholes in learning abilities and plan a possible solution method for each student on the behalf of personal needs. Personalized learning is an academic approach that aims to customize learning for every student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Through this procedure, we boost up the learning capacity of every learner connected to us.

Free Session

In minor children, it is quite difficult to get a pain point. To deal with this innocence, we offer free diagnostic session with one of the best and experienced E-Teachers Psychologists. A healthy Q&A session helps to get the desired result.

Special Therapy Sessions

We believe that children with learning disabilities are just weird differently. During the critical periods of time, the teaching support is not enough in rebuilding a special brain. By keeping in view the actual needs of children we apply special methodology by arranging Special Therapy Sessions to enhance the learning process.

Motivational influence

Lack of confidence and fear of being left behind is common among children with learning disabilities. We try our best to instill confidence in children by adopting different approaches in the education system so that they can move forward in life with a sense of equality with other children like us. In this regard, our psychologists do special counseling for children. So that not only the child can blend in during the learning but also the teacher can easily implement the percussion learning program۔

In addition, we have well experienced Educational psychologists who conducted numerous workshops and seminars on technology integration, technology in education, authentic assessment, using continuous development concepts in the classroom, physical activity, regulation and learning, and project-based curriculum design. We provide a Personalized Learning Plan for each student.



As E-Teachers is a global network, offer both US and UK National curriculum, depending on the location of the students


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