What we should never do with students with learning disabilities

As a parent, hearing that your child has a diagnosis of a learning disability is something that at the moment may generate some concern, but in reality, it does not have to be the case. All children have different ways of learning, and having a learning disability does not mean that your child will not learn but will need a different approach and constant support from you as a parent.

Some certain reactions and behaviors can occur when a parent receives the diagnosis that the child has a learning disability. Many times these behaviors can be negative and even manifest unconsciously. Some of these behaviors to avoid are:

– Understand that everything is lost: Not everything is lost. A diagnosis can bring concern because, at first, it is not known what will happen, but that does not mean that it is condemnation for you as a parent and your child.

– Not seek help: Many people do not seek help for different reasons, and when you do this, you close opportunities for improvement for you and your child.

-Not having patience: Remember that your child is not responsible for having a learning disability, and having it does not make your child less than others. Still, it does influence the learning process, so patience is key.

– Not enjoying the process: Every process has to be enjoyed. Do not put aside the fun and enjoy that quality time with your child; positive things always come out of all situations. A learning disability is not a sentence or punishment, and your child should not see it that way.

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