Traditional Education and Distance Education – Which is Better?

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, ethics, morality, information, skills, and self-improvement. These include education, training, debate, and research.

Education has gone through a process of evaluation from ancient times to modern times. The world has changed a lot. It has become a world village. Distance has shrunk. Education is moving towards electronic media.

We have seen the role of online education during the epidemic. According to UNICEF, approx. 188 countries were looking for alternative ways to provide education during Covid-19.

Traditional education:

Traditional education is an institution-based learning activity where a teacher or instructor teaches students through books,


Students interact face-to-face with teachers and fellows. They have moments to ask and to clear their doubts and anxieties.

Students participate in extracurricular activities. They get more opportunities to learn with people from different places and cultures. It helps them build more confidence.

Many facilities are available in institutions like libraries, labs, research materials, etc. Students get a chance to learn a lot more.

Advantages of online learning:

1. Online Platform:

As a result of online learning, more platforms have emerged. It has also improved the online conference software, which is a technological advantage. Because of user feedback, software developers now know what consumers want, to meet their needs.

2. COVID-19:

There is no harm in learning because of online learning, and we are safe from this disease.

3. Travel:

Time travel is declining due to online classes. Less travel also results in some savings.

4. Use of technology:

Use current technologies during the study as well as develop skills that have been applied in the workplace.

Online Education:

Online learning, also known as e-learning, remote education, or distance learning, is taught on the Internet. Teachers use different mediums (video call, website, YouTube) to convey the lesson to the students. Students learn through video-recorded courses, LMS (Learning Management System), PowerPoint, Zoom, etc. Learning online is not the next big thing, it’s the very big thing now.

Students can save time and energy through distance learning. They can access content anywhere and anytime. Those who have health problems or those who are working or doing something else. They can do it part-time and increase their productivity.

Distance learning is a peaceful process. The burden of the syllabus and the crowd of people is stressful for the students. Online education prevents them from getting distracted, depressed and anxious.

Traditional education is very expensive nowadays. Admission fees, course charges, and hostel bills are unaffordable for students. E-learning is profitable for middle-class and poor students.

Students can learn a specific subject in a very short time.

So we have come up with a great opportunity for middle-class and poor students. E Teachers have many benefits that you can understand by visiting our website. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are always open to you.

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