Never lose hope and be open to receive support

I want to say a few words to those parents who are having difficulty teaching their children from home.

Teaching is an intensive process as each child has their own learning situations to deal with. Teachers work is a lot and when parents have to assume that role, due to situations that they cannot control, such as the coronavirus, it is necessary to remind them that they are not alone in this process and that it is important to support each other.

For those parents who are there trying to help their children have a good learning process, I want to tell you that you are not alone. Do not get locked into how frustrating it can be sometimes not to know what answer to give your children, that is something natural in the learning process. Sometimes we who work in the educational system do not have certain answers to questions but that does not mean that we are doing something wrong.

Support each other, talk with other parents about how you are going through this learning process, and share strategies so that you can all together provide a good education for your children. When you feel like you can’t ask for help, there is always someone available to provide it.

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