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E-Teachers Music Wonderland is a perfect choice for an online music academy. We offer training for wide range of equipment such.

Flute, Guitar, Piano Keyboard, Voice and Ukulele

You can join these courses for fun and also if you wish to become a professional musician. We offer 1-on-1 sessions as well as small group sessions. We offer courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
E-Teachers Music Wonderland now offers music courses and training for Special Needs Children. Music can be an amazing therapy for special needs children to enhance their learning abilities. It can also improve their level of engagement.

Why Us?

Co-founder of Music Wonderland has years of experience in teaching music to children as well as adults.

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Our Teachers

Well experienced and highly professional teachers offering both one-on-one and group live sessions.

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Interactive Sessions

We offer interactive sessions with high-quality online video class. We don’t offer pre-recorded sessions.

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Personalized Sessions

Beginner to Advanced Learning Sessions, Personalized as per your learning goals.

Music Wonderland

Virtual Lessons

We offer interactive video lessons with shared whiteboards and music notes.

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We provided dedicated customer support where you can discuss your concerns any time you want.

our students

Check our students videos for your motivation

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