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Who we are?

E-Teachers Pioneers School is an independent online British school that accepts students from around the world. We provide quality education from elementary to high school using emerging technologies and resources.

The students can independently learn and take their online classes whenever they want. For us it doesn’t matter where our students are, we deliver the results that contribute to their success and development.

What do we do?

We offer a range of courses to our students to keep them busy and develop their interest in learning new things. E-Teachers Pioneers School offers a wide selection of courses and programs. Parents can choose to enroll their children in the programs they see find fit for them.

Our teaching environment encourages students to engage in group discussions to improve their social skills and share their ideas. The teaching methods at E-Teachers Pioneers School help in building your child’s confidence and encourages think critically.

E-Teachers Pioneers School

Our​ Curriculum

E-Teachers Pioneers School follow the national curriculum assigned by the U.K. government. This curriculum targets all 4 key stages of learning. Key stages 1 and 2 focus on programs for elementary grades and key stages 3 and 4 offer courses to middle and high school students.

We take the best elements from this curriculum to teach to our students. Our school helps the students to easily tackle the core subjects like English, Science, and Mathematics. Teachers at our school provide relevant study material in different forms. Our teachers are available to help with homework and assignments at any time. Students can follow our online channels to submit their assigned homework.

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Our teachers

The teaching team at E-Teachers Pioneers School has professional teachers from all over the world. They have all specialized in the subjects they teach. In addition to that, the consultants and trainers at E-teachers school guide the students in choosing the correct career path.

Faculty at E-teachers follow different learning models for a better understanding of concepts. We provide direct instructions for teaching and offer distance learning programs so the student can learn at the pace they are comfortable with.

Students are given solo and group projects that involve investigation and inquiry to improve their research and solving skills. The class debates and discussions encourage the students to ask questions and engage in debates. Through our carousal teaching methods, the students help to teach each other and also brainstorm their ideas.


E-Teachers Pioneers School offers different types of assessments for your child. A formative assessment is done to assess students at a point during their learning journey. Unit assessment is done for quick and short-term assessment after learning a certain unit or lesson. Lastly, summative assessment is used to see the yearly progress of the child.

After these assessments, our teachers work on improving the personal shortcomings of students and help to overcome these weak points. We work on providing additional resources according to the needs. The data and progress sheets are available for parents to check anytime they want to keep themselves updated.

Does you child have special learning needs?

we can do help them together.. Please click below for E-Teachers Special Online School.

E-Teachers Pioneers School
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