About Special Online School

E-Teachers Special Online school provides individual educational programs to the students with special learning concerns. We are a group of well educated and experienced educational psychologists and teachers who provide individualized education programs to the students. We use diverse techniques based on the behavior and personality of each child. All our programs have been tailored to meet the needs of the students with various issues such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Auditory processing disorder, Language processing disorder, and Nonverbal learning disabilities.

We offer online evaluation forms as well as personalized evaluation sessions. Before each child commence with the learning program, we ensure to design the right channel and process for them.

We aim to provide affordable special education to the students. All our programs have been designed to ensure that parents can afford them. We also offer tailored fee programs in case there are families who can’t afford our regular fee.

We are here to work together with you to make our special champions gain the confidence and motivation.

They can do anything they want in their lives, if they have the support and love they deserve.

Who we are ?

E-teachers Special Education is a global platform made for special children with learning disabilities. With the unique and effective methodology, we are one step ahead with a Personalized Learning Program (PLP) to fill the actual needs of children.

In the last 18 years, we have achieved milestones of honor with our teaching and psychology experts who are committed to overcoming child deficiencies. We believe that special children need special attention with patience to produce the maximum learning potential. We deal with the learning incapacity in reading, writing, speaking, remembering, and abstracting.

We are enthusiastic about working with teachers. That is the reason we have a committed group that will uphold your kids’ necessities at all times.

We make customized learning a reachable reality in each study hall. We help you to move the needle a little notably & consistently and at last, assisting you with individualizing learning to overcome feebleness.

Goals and Objectives


The E-Teachers Special Education School is very clear and comprehensive in its objectives. Bringing children with learning disabilities back to normal life using all available resources and learning methods is our top priority۔


According to conservative statistics, about seven percent of the world's population lacks special learning skills. In such a situation, the scope of our mission has become even wider. Every member of our team is committed to eliminating the learning deficiency from the world for which we are modernizing our education system.


Our mission and plan are to improve our system by moving away from the traditional way of teaching like other schools. We have developed a system to get children out of this predicament through counseling and personal guidance to build their confidence.


Our goal is to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities worldwide in general and in the United States and European countries in particular. We have determined our destination. Our mission is to save at least 10,000 children from this mental illness by the end of 2021.

Our Goal set is

● Reach out to the maximum number of children suffering from learning disabilities
● Utilizing multiple resources and advanced strategies
● Best implementation of Personalized Learning Program
● Track ultimate Improvement

Talha Ahmad

Managing Director

Aura De Los Santos

Program Director

our work inspires smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success


As E-Teachers is a global network, offer both US and UK National curriculum, depending on the location of the students

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